Budzza, PlayfulFingers – Frisson [Abstrasension Records]

In his tracks the litt confidently touches at the vicinity of atmospheric dubstep, confine, and electrified synthwave. In his coming out mini-album called "Frisson" he had attempted to conceive two uneasy years of his entity during which the distribute was being recorded. Ups and downs, despondency and new conviction – PlayfulFingers has retained all of this in it's music. PlayfulFingers is a mellifluous job by 20-year-old Vlad Hit from Arkhangelsk. Listening to the album leaves a consciousness of the honesty and coherence of spirit. As for ahead of time interests of the artist, they are traceable in bang on adjusted bits, forceful leap-culminations and a fractured belt of alternate R'n'B. PlayfulFingers is masterly balancing between slow-witted tonality of new-fashioned beats-music, avant-garde of cut a rug electronics and cosmic retro-brightness. Having started his melodious event with Greek hip-hop, Vlad got earnest on feeling experiments and created his own elegance. "Frisson" has a everybody of levels of category and feeling.

PlayfulFingers - Resfeber (Original Mix)
PlayfulFingers - Indifference (Original Mix)
PlayfulFingers - Impression (Original Mix)
PlayfulFingers, Budzza - Desolation (Original Mix)
PlayfulFingers - Dreamtronic (Original Mix)
PlayfulFingers - Meraki (Original Mix)
PlayfulFingers - Cafune (Original Mix)
PlayfulFingers - Frisson (Original Mix)