Brynjolfur, ILO, Kim Kemi – Midnight Puppet Ep [Darek]

Youll catch sight of here a very spectacularly-balanced hand out, with influential tracks, produced with lots of publicity to details, and a valid fancy to extend something particular, out of the commonplace. This let includes Kim's starting tracks 'Midnight Figurehead' and 'Hypnotic Brains'; it also comes along with remixes delivered by the Icelandic business ILO currently based in the UK (with an EP of his own momentarily to be launched on Renewal) as nicely as another reworked model by Brynjolfur hailing from the Faroe Islands, but now residing in Copenhagen. More tidings take the earmark and the artists through here: Because of out-and-out enthusiasmand it's contagious! Here a snatch smithereens which in a few words sums up what Kim Kemi transmits: And as the shades of night by hook fades away, while the sun is rising and Kim is pulling the pack deeper and deeper into his set, he will-power, in spite of his numerous varied years of participation, preside over to look like he honourable discovered how sense-blowingly large electronic music is. Utilize 'Midnight Glove puppet' EP by Kim Kemi + remixes of ILO and Brynjolfur out modern August / beginning September on Darek Recordings! Kim surprises a single time finally again with his potent energy and handiwork skills, help the dancefloor with two abyssal, hypnotic tracks, jam-packed of eager grooves and some mini doses of retro 80's influences. Danish DJ/Financial manager Kim Kemi is once invest in on Darek Recordings with his 'Midnight Pawn' EP.

Kim Kemi - Midnight Puppet (Original Mix)
Kim Kemi - Midnight Puppet (ILO Purple Heart Mix)
Kim Kemi - Midnight Puppet (Brynjolfur Exasperated Mix)
Kim Kemi - Hypnotic Mind (Original Mix)
Kim Kemi - Midnight Puppet (ILO XXxxXX Mix)