Bryan B., Metrocat, Sergio Maldonado – Wrong World [Water Bear Records]

Label co-founder Sergio Maldonado back with his 10th release for the label – "Wrong World" is an infectiously grooving offering combining elements of house and techno that flourish into a lush old school influenced chord breakdown that is sure to satisfy any club goers. Metrocat delivers a glitch laden approach rich with small nuances that take things into more grooving territory – a nice number which sits nicely for those moments in a set when energy is slowly ramping up. The release is polished off by Bryan B who nicely adds a funkier edge to the affair, bringing things into a housier territory that evolves with filter swells which pairs nicely with the old school vibe of the chords from the original mix.

Sergio Maldonado - Wrong World (Original Mix)
Sergio Maldonado - Wrong World (Metrocat Remix)
Sergio Maldonado - Wrong World (Bryan B. Remix)