Bruno Ledesma, Gocci Bosca – Timing Ep [Concepto Hipnotico]

At 22, Gocci incontrovertible to start studying at EMBA (Grammar of Music of Buenos Aires) the business of Applied Casting Able Electronic Music, which ended in delayed 2012. Shell of Argentina, in the countries of the Collective States (New York Conurbation) and Ecuador (Machala, Guayaquil). Maria Agostina Della Bosca Gocci Bosca was born in the borough of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Also in cities wide her rural area like San Bernardo, Bahia Blanca, Cordoba, Pergamino, Comodoro Rivadavia, San Juan, Tucuman, Villa Gesell and Mar del Plata. She shared kiosk with: Roman Flugel (DE), Dj Koze (DE), John Talabot (ES), J.C. In February 2011, she started with performances as DJ, stressful to wraparound into the covert display and editing their tracks on labels like Rezongar Music, Cocoroco Netlabel, Undertones Unite Records. aka Kasper (ES), Them Jeans (US), HNQO (BR), Carlos Alfonsin, Dany Nijelsohn, Udolph, Luis Nieva, Tommy Jacobs, Dr. She played in clubs like Niceto Clubhouse, Shamrock Basement, Bahrein, Cocoliche, Crobar Studio, Covered by Billy, Jet, League Pacha, L'ARC, Voodoo Motel, Alvear Garden and in unalike bars and clubs in Buenos Aires. Trincado, Diego Ro-k, Manuel Sahagun, Mekas, Manu Desrets, Matias Sundbland, Julixo, Catnapp, Djs Pareja, Simbad, Carisma, Ana Helder, Facundo Mohrr, Resemble Handle, Gonzalo Solimano, Margot, Sergio Athos, Facu Carri, Be nostalgic for Akane, Silver Burgh and more. Their high style travels between the Family and Techno constantly, with approaches to Mystical Blood and Dub Techno.

Gocci Bosca - Stay In The Line (Original Mix)
Gocci Bosca - Stay In The Line (Bruno Ledesma Remix)
Gocci Bosca - Soundscape (Original Mix)