Bruce Mennel – Supplement [Operio Records]

With new releases scheduled regularly,Bruce Mennel is predestined to be a uncommonly acting financial manager in 2016, leaving much to be discovered far his studio effort and mixes. He has organized events for eminent Tokyo nightlife clubs like WOMB and AIR, and has collaborated with society-excellence DJs such as Ken Ishii, The Advent, Fabrice Lig, Oscar Mulero, and , to rating a few. Coming from the north-eastern France, Bruce was influenced by the main European sounds of at an advanced hour-90s England and Germany and took incentive from labels like Axis, Drumcode, Tresor, CLR, Bush, Zenit, Primate… In 2005, Bruce was resident DJ for Japanection, and in 2010 became in residence DJ for the Konspiracy Parties, with the p of the French Music Department Export and he has performed in divers European countries over and beyond the years: France, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland most outstandingly. Bruce Mennel is a Tokyo based trouper DJ with during 15 years of know-how with unrivalled skills on 3 decks and a in who, with his new OPERIO imprint, has proven himself innovative by unveiling a new personality in electronic music. Distributed By Symphonic Allocation – OPERIO's funk-filled rhythms, unilluminated and firm basslines, woobles, a fly of channel and fabulously crafted patterns are it's signature. but are too numerous to disclose them all.

Bruce Mennel - Supplement (Original Mix)
Bruce Mennel - Brain Bruise (Original Mix)