Brown Bull – Y.m.t. [Brown Bull Recording]

is the maiden album from Brown Bull and the first untie from BBR. is a spry album and every ado reflects this zip in its own progression : vigorous music but at the exact same while mellifluous , music which kindle and work up any listeners but at the at any rate ease gives an gay atmosphere.. has two-faces, conceived and developed by two perfectly divergent synthesizers : a MiniMoog and an Access Virus. This album is influenced by the fluctuating euphonious make of the artist : techno, tekno , hip hop and a bit of 70' Italian music , opera and Asian music.. although this album develops with from the word go contrary songs , the stain of the creator makes each line is due to YMT . is a extremely special album which has got the purpose of rappresents to the superb the music fancy of its auhtor; this album does not try to be new music that there wasn't p , unprejudiced it is!. .

Brown Bull - Youth (Original Mix)
Brown Bull - Wild Wild Waves (Original Mix)
Brown Bull - 7 Pomegranates (Original Mix)
Brown Bull - Mr. Chord (Original Mix)
Brown Bull - Strombets (Original Mix)
Brown Bull - Flare (Original Mix)
Brown Bull - Money (Original Mix)
Brown Bull - Like Water (Original Mix)
Brown Bull - I Am The Bass (Original Mix)
Brown Bull - Stalactite (Original Mix)
Brown Bull - Smash Hell One (Original Mix)
Brown Bull - Time (Original Mix)