Brown Bull – Nowhere Square [Music Is The Drug]

A Warrior of the Light does not go into battle without knowing the limitations of his ally. Mother Nature judges a tree by its fruits and not its roots. Music Is The Drug welcomes the debut of UK massive warrior, Brown Bull. This 3 track courage of spirit, are you ready to let go & hear it? Kick Bass & Something Else, is a tale of truth of magnetic feeling of bliss ,you cannot miss. This is one of the most enjoyable music accents, that has flourished, from mother creation, enjoy "I" saw that bass is straight industrial motif massive, with a combustion of tech current fire rhythm. This is a sure star, silent night, fight; that your only chance is just dance. In order to gain insight into another's mind. You must examine two factors; nature vs. nurture in this NoWhere Square amazing original….

Brown Bull - Nowhere Square (Original Mix)
Brown Bull - I Saw That Bass (Original Mix)
Brown Bull - Kick, Bass & Something Else (Original Mix)