Brothers Nylon, Ken Fan, Ubblahkan, Warriors of the Dystotheque – Just Breathe [Fly Beat Music]

About the artists:
The band came together on through a network of music lovers, makers and shakers. Despite being located in different parts of the world (Ireland, USA, UK and France), this hasn't stopped the Warriors from producing great music. The Internet is their creative hub. The concept behind the band came with Jonny Mac from his studio in Derry, Ireland, who was looking to collaborate with purveyors of trip-hop and electronica to define a new wave of downtempo music. Through a friend's Facebook post, he discovered lo-fi instrumentalists Mike Rufolo and Nick Rufolo, both based in New York and pitched them a track to work on. The final piece was set when Jonny brought aboard nomadic experimental producer and former DJ partner, Sean Graham, who splits his time between Coventry in the UK and Toulon in the South of France.

With 2 full releases under their belt and support from Nemone (BBC 6 Music – Electric Ladyland / Breakfast) Lauren Laverne & Huey Morgan, Phil Taggart (BBC Radio 1) Across the Line (BBC Radio Ulster) BBC Coventry & Warwick & RTE. This really is something special from the Warriors.

About the release:
On a tiring drive home to Derry from a festival DJ performance, Jonny turned up the cinematic, laid-back soundtrack that he had ready in his car. This formed the inspiration for the rich soundscape that encompasses the track. After relaying the track on to Sean, and then to New York for the Rufolo brothers to hit up the live instrumentation, they drafted in Bella Deanie, from Coventry, to write lyrics and sing. Bella takes the track on a emotional path to self-realisation. Echoing the state of not giving up when everyone else has let you down. Bella's raw and powerful performance commands the attention of the listener, but at the same time makes a heartfelt connection with a song you can turn to when you need a lift.
About the remixes:
Ken Fan, Cafe Del Mar resident in Ibiza, delivers an underground groove that will find a home in many DJ bags this summer on the White Isle.

Northern Irish Tastemakers Ubblahkan drop a slo disco groove for you to shake your tail to.

Finally from NYC Mike & Nick take off their Warrirors caps and deliver us a very melancholic Brothers Nylon re-rub.

Warriors of the Dystotheque, Bella Deanie - Just Breathe(Feat. Bella Deanie) (Original Mix)
Warriors of the Dystotheque, Bella Deanie - Just Breathe(Feat. Bella Deanie) (Ubblahkan remix)
Warriors of the Dystotheque, Bella Deanie - Just Breathe(Feat. Bella Deanie) (Ken Fan Re-Dub Mix)
Warriors of the Dystotheque - Just Breathe (Brothers Nylon Remix)
Warriors of the Dystotheque - Just Breathe (Dub Mix)