BROOKZILL! – Throwback To The Future [Tommy Boy]

BROOKZILL!s "Throwback to the Expected" is a utterance album ten years in the making. Recorded in two continents, the LP features a lively caller schedule of acclaimed Brazilian musicians playing instruments including marimbas, cavaquinho, and flute. "Throwback to the Days" is a proud consolidation of station, spirituality, and interval. The upcoming Tommy Boy Extravaganza deliver connects four artists to the bloodlines of the music they active and liking. Secured creatively and spiritually, BROOKZILL! has transform into a kindred unto itself, with seats bare at the mellifluous mesa. The organization includes esteemed Canada entrepreneur/DJ Prince Paul (De La Heart, Stetsasonic, Good-looking Boy ModelingSchool), Ladybug Mecca (Digable Planets), Rodrigo Brandão (aka Gorila Urbano) and acclaimedproducer/arranger Don Newkirk.

BROOKZILL! - Macumba 3000 (Original Mix)
BROOKZILL! - Raise The Flag (Original Mix)
BROOKZILL! - Saudade Songbook (feat. Count Bass D) (Original Mix)
BROOKZILL! - Nascido No Céu (feat. Brian Jackson) (Original Mix)
BROOKZILL! - Amigo Estranho Amigo (feat. Elo Da Corrente) (Original Mix)
BROOKZILL! - Maralém (feat. Del The Funky Homosapien & Pequeno Cidadão) (Original Mix)
BROOKZILL! - Mad Dog In Yoruba (feat. Fafá De Belém & Kiko Dinucci) (Original Mix)
BROOKZILL! - BROOKZILL! Suite (feat. Juçara Marçal & Thiago França) (Original Mix)
BROOKZILL! - S. Bento MC5 (feat. Thaide, Xis, Espião, Rodrigo Ogi) (Original Mix)
BROOKZILL! - Mysterious (Original Mix)
BROOKZILL! - Todos Os Terreiros (Original Mix)
BROOKZILL! - Let's Go (É Noiz)! (Original Mix)