Brocky, Dubsta P, Mom what is going on, Avir Barzel – Various On Noparanoia – Eastern Beats 01 [Noparanoia Records]

Heterogeneous artists performing a slow sheaf of styles and atmospheres, strewed by debilitated beats, partly model, partly theoretical, this tunes's seconds are permeated by uncompromising eastern sun and bitten by the medusas. Traditional acid and jungle sounds are half-bred with crowded beats of newfangled and old styles, to settle you into the joyless passage, backwards key diverse discharge of Noparanoia Recordings is consist of 4 tracks of israeli subterranean musicians: Brocky, Dubsta P, Avir Barzel and Mom, what is flourishing on, is a Stygian atmosphered EP with impure-category delight. For all our people who shares buried perception.

Brocky - When It's Hot (Original Mix)
Dubsta P - Snake Master (Original Mix)
Mom what is going on - Scorpions (Original Mix)
Avir Barzel - Makhriv (Original Mix)