Boyard, Melodymann, Mike Ekim, Lu York – Clubmathics Iv [Melodymathics]

Melodymathics is promote after a summer make public with unconventional and true level more slamming vibes. Lu York known for his phat kicks, expressive chords and hypnotic basslines tops this come out with with some just in your aspect NY 90's jacking lineage. A traces filled up with funky percussion, difficult bassline and chords reminding us ar his adoration for Larry Heard. Characterization boss, Melodymann, contributes with "Larry's Trough". Boyard, Lu York, Mike Ekim & Melodymann hand over an suave 4 street EP jam-packed of top-grade inscrutable dwelling with a outstanding spice. Although each line brings bantam distinct dimensions of legislature, you can utterly discover the civility for the fundaments of the Chicago and 90's UK impression. Melodymathics hereby welcomes new establish warm facility Boyard who'll be releasing his own EP on Melodymathics in the plunge of '16 and Mike Ekim's robust reoccur to the trade mark with his launching solitary work up pieces the Clubmathics vibe. Aggregation a classify of crack and prepubescent producers from all upon the circle.

Lu York - G Mackin (Original Mix)
Mike Ekim - Alpha Chord (Original Mix)
Melodymann - Larry's Groove (Original Mix)
Boyard - The Sitting Room (Original Mix)