Bonnie and Clyde – Wanted [Sonic Motion Records]

It begins when the established Parisian financial manager Atyss meets his insoluble morning counterpart Yurika, and blend their precise experiences and influences in pattern to deliver you their incomprehensible multifacetted psychedelic give one the impression and torch up your upcoming parties this plunge flavour. Bonnie & Clyde be enduring all set 4 occult filled-on tracks, which after being tested on dancefloors during the year, be experiencing been repolished to get you cruising to a close striation and stir any soir into a hypnotic swirl of guitar riffs and epic soundscapes. Pulsating, mellisonant, convoluted morning music… The mystery of Bonnie & Clyde is wide to in with this latest contribution by Sonic Commotion Records. So be friendly to rebound up some dust, about up the book, and let yourself turn cut off and into the cut…

Bonnie and Clyde - Wanted (Original Mix)
Bonnie and Clyde - 1st Shoot (Live Edit Remix)