Bombon – Dame Un Beso [Discos Peligrosa]

Dame Un Beso (Acapella)

Engineered by Andy Deangelo
Recorded at HomeSkool Studios
Mastered by Svani Quintanilla
Artwork by Orion & Orbitron This free 'Dame Un Beso', combines Bombon's manufacturing dexterity with Houston's excellent-known third check inhabitant and opening rapper, Fat Tony. Behind the Leeway Borough Cumbia collective are maker and DJ Principe Q, head of ceremonial La Comadre Mel and La Mera Mera and empress of Houston's nightlife, DJ Gracie Chavez. 'Dame Un Beso' leans assist comfortably into its Screwston cut a swath with its crucial 808s and yap snares while also traversing into it's modernized, possibly methodical bastardized, style of Reggaeton. Fat Tony, a primary-genesis Nigerian-American whose growing numeral of accolades comprise garnered him publicity from main publications and media outlets, teams up with the proprietress of Bombon's parties La Comadre on vocals. To learn more to Dame Un Beso inflict

Artist: Bombon ft. Principe Q's big beats and marimbas accompanied by Fat Tony and La Comadre, furnish this separate its laid invest in, chilled out and tropical ambiance. Dame Un Beso (Starting Mix)
2. Disappear subsidize the globule-top, veer your speakers up and fancy the blithesome sweetness of 'Dame Un Beso'. Fat Tony & La Comadre
Privilege: Dame Un Beso
Let Girlfriend: August 16th, 2016
Catalog No: DP0007
Stamp: Discos Peligrosa

1. Dame Un Beso (Conducive)
3. Bombon is Houston's last tropical th function and body – there is no denying. Fat Tony's panther-like flows accompanied by La Comadre's mellifluous balladry makes 'Dame Un Beso' an rigid Discos Peligrosa summer jam.

Bombon - Dame un Beso feat. Fat Tony and La Comadre (Original Mix)
Bombon - Dame un Beso (Instrumental) feat. Fat Tony and La Comadre (Original Mix)
Bombon - Dame un Beso (Acapella) feat. Fat Tony and La Comadre (Original Mix)