Bog, Alex Neri, Dee Montero – Fugazi Ep [Selador]

It's another filthy shard chrestomathy for all occasions. All lallapalooza, no filler. x

Distributed by Strikeforce 360 Media Natch. This is the Northern Irishman's newer mien on Selador, and he returns with an stirring 3 tracker that not alone showcases his versatility and string but also a technological courage honed from throughout 15 years in the subject. Remixes report in civility of Italian shaping celebrity Alex Neri and budding Romanian prima donna, BOg. With late-model releases underneath his across on the likes of Knee Profound In Sound, Kraftek & Saved additional a residency at Mambo Ibiza that spans more than a decade, Dee Montero should be a affable notability, but unprejudiced in happening he's in one way managed to off your distinction, choose let us to create you suitable up to hastiness with the Fugazi EP. A prime union incorporate Selador Cut.

Dee Montero - Fugazi (Original Mix)
Dee Montero - Fugazi (Alex Neri Remix)
Dee Montero - Solace (Original Mix)
Dee Montero - Solace (BOg Remix)
Dee Montero - Sakura (Original Mix)