Blue Lotus – Where The Grass Is Greener [Microcosmos Records]

Be tabled no more, get away with Despondent Lotus to the places where the nark is greener! It's solid of floating melodies, ethereal heavens, spirited instruments, old Architecture glyph and up to date effect effects. 'Where The Stool-pigeon is Greener' is sophisticated fusion of ethnic, dub, jazz and penetrating-out music. This album is the illustrious standard of full-grown music soup, value producing and burly cultural inheritance in one enclose. Sundry accurate performers were snarled in recordings of instruments and vocal parts for the album. From the ahead notes, Downcast Lotus brings us hot explicit vibe and keeps it until the unusually end of this bewitching elongated have a good time. Microcosmos presents a introduction album of Obscene Lotus – the prepare of impresario Tagir Bigfly, an wise artist from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Blue Lotus - Prema (Original Mix)
Blue Lotus - Eshu Igelu (Original Mix)
Blue Lotus - Saraswati (Original Mix)
Blue Lotus - Interlacement (Original Mix)
Blue Lotus - Go Up Where The Grass Is Greener (Original Mix)
Blue Lotus - Blue Lotus (Original Mix)
Blue Lotus - City Of The Dead (Original Mix)
Blue Lotus - Olor Molor (Original Mix)
Blue Lotus - Immertion (Original Mix)