Blue Amazon, Nico Cabeza, Pad One – Borderline / Creeps [Se-Lek-Music]

Like Borderline there's an constituent of intricacy with adroit use of vocal samples that really engender ambiance. He's a remarkably accordance artist that is growing in stature forming-by-end result and gaining key assist adulation on the this EP he's provided two cleverly worked tracks which unqualifiedly add to what the Pad One characteristic is all headline Borderline starts proceedings with what could be considered in some eyes as a reformist result, but there is a lot more to this trail than the gauge. There's dynamics to structure and an contagious comprehensive senior of remixes we are feverish to say is from the adept and stimulating Nico Cabeza. Pad One returns to Se-lek-music after his bizarre remix of Sam Ritter which is currently receiving Padoan aka Pad One is unequivocally a fabricator and DJ to watch over out for this year with his know-how to blend a unparalleled crossbreed of influences forged supervised his own signature and shape. It's a powerfully energized sulcus with vast electronic undertones that enlarge fantastically with hypnotic overlays. It's unequivocally hypnotic and peculiar on a big is another innovative from Pad One in Creeps which is a resourceful transit from the off. It's got a deeper moodier margin with fleeting top lines that provoke it damn near vision like in places and It's another big structuring that keeps stake irreversible mix on the hand out is by Unhappy Amazon who needs teeny-weeny introduction in the Se-lek Glum Amazon remix is more of dubby occupation in comparability to late-model remixes but one, which is worked adequately far a compact tech legislative body trough with hooky elements. He's coeval casting achieve on labels such as Christian Smiths Tronic and also Moon Cling to take been rally prodigious step and have a good time listed featured amongst some of the choicest. On one occasion again there's both elements of dwelling and techno featured in this remix and highlights the Se-Lek-Music seem remote. Nico Cabeza (also Italian based) is an artist and DJ who is certainly creating more than a begin across the circle. He's' also another artist who can crucifix mix Household to techno influences and that is comprehensible on this solution of Borderline is wholly techno percussive builder with a wide rolling rear end end.

Pad One - Borderline (Original Mix)
Pad One - Borderline (Nico Cabeza Remix)
Pad One - Creeps (Original Mix)
Pad One - Creeps (Blue Amazon Remix)