Blue Amazon, Ian Meyer – Safari [Se-Lek-Music]

Ian Meyer – Safari Se-Lek-Music1: Ian Meyer Safari2: Ian Meyer Crescendo3: Ian Meyer & Blue Amazon Definition4: Ian Meyer Delight5: Ian Meyer Miss U6: Ian Meyer Puetro7: Ian Meyer Afflatus8: Ian Meyer Jocound9: Ian Meyer In The Glide10: Ian Meyer Flying ModulationWe are very excited to have our first artist solo album ready for you to soak up with something that we feel is of special Meyer is an artist we fell in love after hearing his singles Firera & Space J which both had an instantaneous appeal whilst crossing the boarders between Techno & Progressive in a unique way. Many will also be familiar of his work along side collaborative partner Nick Koplan and not forgetting his excellent featured remix on Blue Amazon Unite which left us wanting to hear originates from Budapest, Hungary, which seems quite fitting for his European sound and carefully produced music that's generated from an evident sound engineering background. Like most producers these days Ian Meyer is also a DJ with a quality output and we recently featured him along side Oliver Lieb on our Se-Lek-Music radio is a featured 10-track album that smoothly builds and transitions from one tack to another with Ian's distinctive sound. The title track Safari really sets the tone for what you hear throughout this album, its deep, its lush and emotive. Crescendo as the title suggests if more uplifting and building whilst maintaining depth and infections synth album also includes a collaboration with Blue Amazon titled Definition and other quality throughout on this 10 track masterpiece.

Ian Meyer - Safari (Original Mix)
Ian Meyer - Crescendo (Original Mix)
Blue Amazon, Ian Meyer - Definition (Original Mix)
Ian Meyer - Delight (Original Mix)
Ian Meyer - Miss U (Original Mix)
Ian Meyer - Puerto (Original Mix)
Ian Meyer - Afflatus (Original Mix)
Ian Meyer - Jocund (Original Mix)
Ian Meyer - In the Glide (Original Mix)
Ian Meyer - Flying Modulation (Original Mix)