Blshv – Morph [2 Owls Records]

Started playing records in 2008 mixing Techno and Difficult Line. After a gathering of gigs he started his own Unfathomable Race broadcast reveal called "Ascot" and launched "Parametr" parties, by far topping the close by secret episode. He's already played the Russian upper case's cardinal alternative-oriented venues like Vanilla Ninja, Solyanka Nightclub, Snitch on & Bar Denis Simachev, Disinformation, Angelov, Rodnya, Paparazzi Bar, Plunk, Minibar, XIII and others. Has been supported by Borrowed Individuality, Bronxy, Gog, Firm Ton, Lay-Far, Dent Safado, Re Dupre, Robert Owens, Shivers, Sishi Rosch… Hailing from the northern city of Ukhta, unfathomable into Russia's Unfathomable cavity, BLSHV is a music regisseur and DJ, residing in Saint-Petersburg. Then he moved to Moscow and started composing his own sounds.

Blshv - Morph (Original Mix)
Blshv - Ratio (Original Mix)