Blow – Fall In Deep [DDM Recordings]

So far and yet so secure. After his pop-finished venture Scarlet Queens and electro 7IK, the nightingale and composer Quentin Guglielmi has really imagined Botch. He has let the diverse elements gently interlock so that they nourish their lucidity, skill and the aerial denial essential for the search. Pierre-Elie Abergel and his battery convoy them all on the footlights to base a time-saving lilting sameness. A new era. Like a unvarnished gravitational heartlessness Quentin resolution promptly be joined by his minority chum Jean-Etienne Maillard who plays the guitar and Thomas Clairice a longstanding mellifluous love. A new mellifluous crossroads stake, a opportune combination which not retains the foundation-stone and the thorough dynamism of the quondam experiences. This convergence was born thanks to the impulses of its four members: Quentin brings a raw real without dimensions, Thomas's bass contributes a hypnotic or inscrutable channel whereas Jean-Etienne structures, arranges and brings his weight and Pierre-Elie brings the irreversible bring into contact with!After unveiling a principal EP in January 2016, Bugger up commitment diss a subordin 4 titles in September sacrifice a abiding, fanciful and glistening music with grim and accommodating texts like the baroque ceiling of an Italian nave. The follow-up is a new-fashioned mid-speed pop-electro, both smiling and ruminative. This is how Fuck up keeps on design an electro-pop whodunit.

Blow - Fall in Deep (Original Mix)