Bloody Mary, Martin Eyerer, Eins Tiefer – Reactor [Sisyphon]

'REACTOR' clatters and pops, falsely to be out of curb, but then, all molecules crumple in passion with the effusiveness of melodies. It arps, it pulses, it goes from the deepest position to the highest mountains and pass over you the power to be what you be. Few 007 presents two unconventional guys:
EINS TIEFER. MARTIN EYERER's housie elements crash with, and breaks up the REACTOR. The appellation oversee devise his synths scintillate. Beyond the uniform soundness of tunes from BLOODY MARY you settle into a 'trans' splendour and determine the new vibe of TRANSGENDER. They yawning up the REACTOR and search out with us new ways of defining shape. 'TRANSGENDER benefits from this 'new self-determination. All aggregate states are continuous simultaneously. Two other scientist clock on by: MARTIN EYERER (Kling Klong) and BLOODY MARY (Dame Music).

Eins Tiefer - Reactor (Original Mix)
Eins Tiefer - Transgender (Original Mix)
Eins Tiefer - Reactor (Martin Eyerer Remix)
Eins Tiefer - Transgender (Bloody Mary Remix)