Blondage – Blondage [Tambourhinoceros]

Blondage is Esben Andersen and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen. By changing their rating to Blondage, Esben and Pernille completes the alteration from an hypothetical bedroom-based unaccompanied-design that kickstarted it all to the electronic pop duo with thousands of fans all more than the life that they are now. They've in days gone by made music call of the term Rangleklods. The EP is an uncommonly nicely-produced and next electronic pop-rescue.

Blondage - Lucky Black Skirt (Original Mix)
Blondage - Dive (Original Mix)
Blondage - BEG (Original Mix)
Blondage - Pray (Original Mix)
Blondage - FLF (Original Mix)