Blixaboy – Humanoid X [Central Processing Unit]

Dover presents an album influenced by the pioneers of the hypnotic channel. On foremost out of date you'll espy elements of krautrock be means of to the Belleville three, all with finely crafted arrangements that over themselves in more item on each mind. Blixaboy has selected 4 of the more DJ thick tracks from the album for the vinyl E.P. treatment. Humanoid X is CPU's deepest foray into Detroit techno so far, Blixaboy aka Mwanza Dover – Texas based artist, familiar of Cygnus and extremely much say of the restricted electro furore. There is certainly a cyberpunk monograph direction completely as Man about town Tendril-esque synths carry all the album evoking recently Cimmerian dark galvanizing-metropolis noodle restaurant contemplation.

Blixaboy - Artic (Original Mix)
Blixaboy - Black Kross (Original Mix)
Blixaboy - Comet (Original Mix)
Blixaboy - Detroit Steel (Original Mix)
Blixaboy - Drow (Original Mix)
Blixaboy - Humanoids (Original Mix)
Blixaboy - The Last Droid (Original Mix)
Blixaboy - Masque (Original Mix)
Blixaboy - Rescue One (Original Mix)
Blixaboy - Stark's War (Original Mix)
Blixaboy - Stealth (Original Mix)