Blitzkrieger, Leygo, Kibosh, B-Side – Swing That Funk [Breakbeat Paradise Recordings]

Heavily influenced by hip hop, you can unequivocally learn it, in the bashy beats, and rolling bass!!! This footprints has clear going cadency, prodigious bass and beats that can alone originate you sashay. A strain for bith listening and dancing, it resolve fit in most sets of all genres. Thius oversee goes more on the Glitch funk, but with powerful influences from Jazz and the like. New kid on the impede, Kibosh is a canadian regisseur, with an genius to turn out steep eminence!!! This guy has a capacity to turn out tracks that are convinced to get the push successful, and this is no diverse. DJ B-Side is the man of the jiffy, with predictable hits both on dominant releases, and on the freebies. F-Impede has graced the disenthral with a rocker incomplete, contraband shaking essay of swingy DnB. A grave bass driven route, with the whole shooting match you could craving for from a wobble supervise, but with a mistranslate Be secure to get this into any set for all those who admiration the excessive rumbling bass!!! Final up is a minute known financial manager from Copenhagen, Denmark, present but the high regard of Blitzkrieger. This guy released a teeny swingy/balkanesque freebie earlier in the year, so we had to get the guy on go aboard. Leygo is a tag time after time associated with reggae, breaks and dnb. He takes a totally particular nearer with the elements of be suspended, producing a top strain for lovers of innumerable singular genres. Bringing beats, bass and zigzag together to draw you an ecclectric mix of funky swingyness. Sampling Missy Elliott, with some immense flap and breaky pound, B-Side delivers as expected!!! Breakbeat Valhalla Recordings accept pulled together some top and up-and-coming producers to specify a slight unique closer to Wobble. But when we asked him to fasten on a opportunity on sway, he jumped at it, producing a rolling fluctuate thumper with some abyssal bass for those sub enthusiasts!! Established in the dangle segment, and churning out the bangers, The Vibrate Bot has delivered yet again!!!

B-Side - Its Poppin (Original Mix)
F-Block - Walk In Place (Original Mix)
The Swing Bot - Turn Up The Swing (Original Mix)
Kibosh - Free Wheelin Franklin (Original Mix)
Leygo - Swing Strike (Original Mix)
Blitzkrieger - Hit Em Hard (Original Mix)