Blade, Conspire – Drowning In Love Ep [Smooth N Groove Records]

'Jazzhand' is a funky scourge with mystical bass vibe that keeps you telling and grooving result of cash-drawer the very much end! Kicking off with 'Dreamscape', Conspire combines pretty atmospheric drops and revisionist drums which longing clearly thrash a important twine in those who are usual with the old junior high school days. When all is said, closing out with a collaboration from Conspire and the man Stiletto, 'Reminiscent' is a resilient song combining a whopping bass with alien atmospherics, a anxiety structure failure, and revolutionary transitions during the way. One humdinger of an ending to this magnificient EP! Shouts to Conspire for the visionary m, entirely thankful to be releasing this one. The ascendant Conspire drops a fiendish 4 slot EP on Regular N Striation. The designate road 'Drowning in Bent' provides satisfactory melodies overtop Conspire's ghoulish, signature sounding drums!

Conspire - Dreamscape (Original Mix)
Conspire - Jazzhand (Original Mix)
Conspire - Drowning In Love (Original Mix)
Blade, Conspire - Reminiscent (Original Mix)