Black Water – Night Shift [Partyzanai]

At the times of extreme electronic music diversification and intend to be modern, we value the artists, who stay conistent and follow their vision. Black Wate are the rare ones, who follow their inspiration and vision since we know them. The result is an album, which is strongly influenced by Cologne electronic sound. At the time you can classify it as "Retro Kompakt Sound", but it's all about universal language. And it convinced us no doubt. Black Water debut album "Night Shift" is the result of a long-term creative process, which was finally compiled into one story-concept, where all tracks deliver random but significant message. We hope, that this message will be received. More info:

Black Water - Saddest Day (Original Mix)
Black Water - While Spotting (Original Mix)
Black Water - Hyper (Original Mix)
Black Water - Trains (Original Mix)
Black Water - In Real Time (Original Mix)
Black Water - The Day After (Original Mix)
Black Water - Marathon (Original Mix)
Black Water - And Experiencing (Original Mix)
Black Water - Some Early Morning (Original Mix)
Black Water - Flashbacks (Original Mix)
Black Water - Of The (Original Mix)
Black Water - Saddest Day (Radio Outro Version) (Original Mix)