Bitsaw – Definition Of Unreality [Random Records SOS]

Amazon Guard, that supports and protects Inborn peoples in dissimilar ways. Chance Records presents the coming out album of the Finnish born regisseur Bitsaw. You last wishes as affair influences from Dismal Revisionist, Forest, Packed On, Dim to Darkpsy whilst maintaining the artist's unsurpassed craze of rhythmical synth sounds, twisted arrangements, together with extensive basslines and brisk drops to wholly new sounds. Keeping the feeling ready and the Dream state cacophony, rocking the th trounce. 'Clarification Of Unreality' is a mystery of Bitsaw's tuneful wen, and a journey from the end of day sound toward a more darker, forest like Psytrance. All over the album, the darker atmospheres slowly cover, whilst retaining the captivating melodies faithful to Bitsaw's pattern. The total profits of this album wish be donated to the.

Bitsaw - Loosen Up (Original Mix)
Bitsaw - Flight Over The Stratosphere Of Consciousness (Original Mix)
Bitsaw - Drilling Holes To Emptiness (Original Mix)
Bitsaw - Neurotoxin (Original Mix)
Bitsaw - Bufo Alvarius (Original Mix)
Bitsaw - Pink Bubbles & Alien Language (Original Mix)
Bitsaw - Wine Of The Haidar (Original Mix)
Bitsaw - El Trauco (Original Mix)