Bill Kraemer – Relics [The Seed]

Label Boss Bill Kraemer was busy for the time that the label was on it's break, busting out a bunch of new material. While some of it went out to other labels that Bill works with, and two of the tracks went out as a single to relaunch the label, we have carefully selected seven bangers as a Techno and Acid album that we hope you will enjoy.

Distributed by Label Engine –

Bill Kraemer - Artifact (Original Mix)
Bill Kraemer - The Anger (Original Mix)
Bill Kraemer - The Sheild of the Faithless (Original Mix)
Bill Kraemer - The Rage (Original Mix)
Bill Kraemer - Acid Friday (Original Mix)
Bill Kraemer - Icarus (Original Mix)
Bill Kraemer - Acidspect (Original Mix)