Big Head Maniac, Juan Vargas, Ian Bpm, Daxsen – The World Is My Club [Daxsen Records]

Daxsen Records pres. The Crowd is my Caba by Daxsen

DMG Intercontinental – Daxsen Records Electronic music – an remarkable symbiosis of cultural traditions from almost the creation

Daxsen - ALRM (I'm Clubbing) (Original Mix)
Daxsen - Gunfire (Original Mix)
Daxsen - EPHYTA (Everybody Put Your Hands In The Air) (Original Mix)
Daxsen, E-ross - Feel The Rock (Original Mix)
Daxsen - Lets Go (Original Mix)
Daxsen, Daroom - Aftershock (feat. Daroom) (Original Mix)
Daxsen, Ian Bpm, Juan Vargas - Molleta (feat. Ian Bpm & Juan Vargas) (Original Mix)
Daxsen, Big Head Maniac - Pirates & Clowns (feat. Big Head Maniac) (Original Mix)