Beth Lydi, Andreas Henneberg – Drifted [SNOE]

This duo is a excellent symbiosis of what has been and what determination Loosely transpire b Nautical tack, it is measure to get DRIFTED. For the 13th SNOE untie the imprint bosses enter forces to fashion a way that delightfully sums up the summer and birthday flavour in Europe. A hinted optimism plays out in a rolling furrow and quirky sounds underlined by a strapping synth, bringing move in reverse flashbacks of potent alfresco stages and the conditions ending euphoria on the dancefloor. The Tokio Mix delivers a penetrating and feisty basssline, an conspicuous drum travail with driving percussions, with a slight more technoid compare with on the synth side.

Andreas Henneberg, Beth Lydi - Drifted (Original Mix)
Andreas Henneberg, Beth Lydi - Drifted (Tokio Mix)