Berg, AZAX, Bizzare Contact, Blastoyz – Blastoyz + Friends Vol.1 [Nutek Records]

… now Blastoyz is encourage with the before role of his collaborations album with admirably known artists in the locality. Nutek Records proudly presents 'Blastoyz + Friends vol.1' After his anterior discharge Blastoyz crossed the fraternity second and forth and performed in assorted unalike countries in gargantuan parties inconsequential parties, outside, indoor, raves, clubs, celebration and in other words – Far!

Blastoyz, Upgrade - The Light (Original Mix)
Bizzare Contact, Blastoyz - Sunshine & Rainbows (Original Mix)
Blastoyz, AZAX - Judgment Day (Original Mix)
Berg, Blastoyz - The Path (Original Mix)