Benwaa, Sion Scullion, Brandon Lee – Your Life [Gibbon Records]

The accompaniment to the creative, and in the same a big railway for any tech based set. Undeviating up percussion and a chairperson bobbing hip shaking bassline are what pilot the hub here, layered with FX and vocal hints of the tracks designation, a gigantic adding to any tech dwelling-place set. Trade name chairman Benwaa joins the B-side on remix duties. Inexperienced off the stand behind of his Arboreal Summer emancipate, Brandon Lee joins forces with Sion Scullion to save a grooving bottomless tech number in the body of Your Memoirs. Expanding on the percussion based target, and creating a more call the shots manipulate whilst someway holding uphold from pushing too stony too.

Brandon Lee, Sion Scullion - Your Life (Original Mix)
Brandon Lee, Sion Scullion - Your Life (Benwaa Remix)