Benjamin Brunn – Plastic Album [Third Ear Recordings]

Yet he's sounding as alternative as enigmatic and as moving as at any point. Brunn's give one the impression is instantly recognizable; the Nord Modular synth and Roland 808 which quirk on all his performances. Benjamin Brunn's obey up to his very regarded A Sun Sentience album on Third Ear. The Shapable Album is like it's predecessor once upon a time again bursting with fat glistening spectacular sounds.

Benjamin Brunn - Plastic (Original Mix)
Benjamin Brunn - I Am Not Ill (Original Mix)
Benjamin Brunn - Young & Flashy (Original Mix)
Benjamin Brunn - Dani (Original Mix)
Benjamin Brunn - Developers (Live Version)
Benjamin Brunn - Raider Not Twixt (Original Mix)
Benjamin Brunn - Springers (Original Mix)
Benjamin Brunn - Freerotation (Original Mix)