Bebetta, Robot Koch, Padberg, Dapayk – Sink This Ship [Mo’s Ferry Productions]

With the release of their last album Smoke (2013) Dapayk & Padberg moved to a listening oriented direction that also works perfectly off the dance floor. The new single "Sink This Ship" underlines their decision to follow this path in the future … maybe even with their upcoming album "Harbour" later this year. On "Sink This Ship" Eva Padberg unfolds her matured voice which shows more confidence than on previous records. Dapayk skillfully puts her voice in a common scenery where the straight beats are long over and where is space for extravagances and inventiveness. However this is not a radical change turning away from the club sound. Two of the most soughtafter remixer artists at the moment Robot Koch and Bebetta ensure the suitability for the dance floor. Robot Koch skillfully disassembles (for which he is known) the original. Primarily he builds his version on the emotional base of Eva's vocal part and Dapayk's warm bass line. However on the flip side there is almost a contrasting change. The slight melancholy of the original track gives way for a typical Bebetta Techhouse Beat that flows through the club in a dreamy yet simply irresistible manner.

Dapayk, Padberg - Sink This Ship (Original Mix)
Dapayk, Padberg - Sink This Ship (Robot Koch Remix)
Dapayk, Padberg - Sink This Ship (Bebetta Remix)