Bebetta, Nicolas Masseyeff, Piemont – Spin Off [Monaberry]

Remix-sound two of Monaberry's finest commit their own twists to the tales: Nicolas Masseyeff toughens up the vibe of 'Rotate Off'. Conclusively Bebetta strips 'Ghetto Bird' down to a uncovered timing and re-clothes it with silkier, looser garments, each one hanging off the arpeggio that blossoms from muffled and textural to a satiated passion-moneyed quality portion in a complex, brains blurring way. Two planet hopping remixes. A description where the channel takes the comfiest moderator in the strain and opulent servings of spirit and funk are actively encouraged, Monaberry offers the complete canvas for Piemont's individual in a brown study earshot. Two personage-lit originals. 'Ghetto Bird' flips the bird with its deliciously MO-l side. Yet another fair minute in duration and space from Monaberry. Hypochondria trails linger behind, overlapping with their own marker textures to originate an verging on cosmic observation. Wrapping up a hugely famed summer of shows and releases on the likes of Toolroom, Demarcation and Glasgow Surreptitious, Hamburg duo Piemont pressure four hours due south to Halle: hospice of Monaberry and its devotedly abiding, broad and evocative legislative body signature. Here more gravity is placed on a dubbier metallic bass sound colour and an burdensome synth through that hammers with excellent insistency. Its tech striation is peppered with noteworthy stabs, hairy arpeggios and bland traces of sax individual as we float into void with red aspect joviality. As proved precise here…

'Rotate Off' is no re-run: a subtly jacking drum array provides the matchless bed for mild synth lines to ebb, stream and purr over and above the undulating bass plan.

Piemont - Spin Off (Original Mix)
Piemont - Ghetto Bird (Original Mix)
Piemont - Spin Off (Nicolas Masseyeff Remix)
Piemont - Ghetto Bird (Bebetta Remix)