Beat Tempest, Metha, Dave Wincent, JHz – Storm [BeMassive Records]

Nowdays he is producing as Roxiller (and JHz as marvellously) with Chris Carter. At conclusive but not least Clout Upheaval composed a authoritative remix, which is filled futuristic sounds as the actual, but expasioned Smite Upheaval own producering period. Right music is the exclusively obsession that matters! They are pushing their devise and estabilished a note stamp, the Log Records… He is James Cocozza aka JHz who releasing his tracks since 1999. Be Enormous apophthegm is: Whatever the latest thing is… His new EP, called Samiel is a dancefloor destroyer. The Mark impressed by the professionality of the Be Jumbo's patron artists like Simon Shackleton aka Elite Effectiveness, Oliver Huntemann, Sam Paganini, dubspeeka, Mixture, Nasty 9, Edibles Katie, Mike Hulme also represents the music this two guys like to contend in and inspirit! Includes uncountable futuristic sounds and effects. Half-breed fusion of raw, old techno and breaks without all needless thinking, and frills, but unvarying able. We are proudly begin an artist who secure been invited to our basic BeMassive tenebrosity 10 years in the past. After some DnB tracks he made Breakbeat music and compoosed scads tracks for The cloth of Strike one Tv, japanese animes, games such as Sony PS Wipeout Sanitary. The emancipate includes remix from Metha which is a darker account of the Primary Mix and an remix from Dave Wincent which is a techy remix of JHz's spoor. It makes a idiosyncratic spry environment on the stick. The Identifier inclination one make available the music they like!

JHz - Storm (Original Mix)
JHz - Storm (Metha Remix)
JHz - Storm (Dave Wincent Remix)
JHz - Storm (Beat Tempest Remix)