Beartrax – The Devil Descends [Pet Project Recordings]

Beartrax continues to build momentum with his first Pet Project release of 2016. The Devil Descends has a deep, dark, and punchy vibe with its layers of 808 kicks, deep rolling basslines, and dark harmonic overlays. As the track builds into a crescendo of splashes and snares, the listener is taken over by vocal stabs and samples that create a perfect vibe for myriad dance floor scenarios. The b side is no slouch on this release either. The Larcenist is a full on assault of melody, beginning with a piano line that pulls the audience closer. As the track progresses, the signature sound of Beartrax's live violin enters the mix to provide the backdrop to a truly beautiful work of music.

Beartrax - The Devil Descends (Original Mix)
Beartrax - The Larcenist (Original Mix)