Be_Bop – Rain Ep [Cabana Music]

New Artist, Antoine Neto always looked to music as a form of expression much more than an art, it's a way of leaving your mark on the world. In his teenage years his perception of music changed and was shown to him in a whole new light. It was the moment that he walked into a nightclub the size of his living room that he discovered his true passion and calling and most importantly, he discovered that less is more. Since that night on the Marginal dancefloor the little kid from Brazil took over and from minimal stances and groovy techno patterns, shone through a new found clarity and way of thinking. A new found persona that evolved from 'Antoine Neto', and that funky little fellow is called Bebop.

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Be_Bop - Rain (Original Mix)
Be_Bop - Storm (Original Mix)