BBQ Sauce – Braaah [GURU]

Bassy give someone a once-over boxing vocals pool with a subtly woven flute sound from the start of the traces. Next up on Guru, BBQ Audacity drops a low-slung building groover with "BRAAAH." Built on a soundbed of rolling basslines, hermetically sealed drums and chopped-up scourge boxing vocals, the alley bristles with a unequalled bearing and na nearly equal. The difficult, rolling bassline wobbles along with self-control once evolving into a weightier, meatier and musclier fiend. Warbling synth lines and punchy drums intromit the gauge as BBQ Disrespect rides out the large and addictive Architecture glyph. Heads down and focused but with a freewheeling will, this an contagious congress cut with bags of flavor. Laidback but pacey and wall-to-wall with genuine power and gouge, this is BBQ Nerve principled in the zenith-occasion cut.

BBQ Sauce - Braaah (Original Mix)