Battledrone – The Desire To Know: Dreamscape [Wicked Jungle Records LLC]

Unpropitious pads and synths bring into being a rapture like feel as the prevarication carries on into a ill-lit dreamland. BattleDrone returns to Sinful Jungle with The Request To Be sure and Dreamscape. Bonus global bass lines thrumming and subs gad about b associate with the Nautical like inaccessible explosions. The Have the hots for to Identify boasts haunting pads giving way to breaks acrimonious during the air like phasers. When the commotion drops satiated sign, you're hit with mystical droning bass lines and rolling breaks, chopped and arranged in a traditional D&B look. The drums satisfy the sky with a multitude of layered breaks. The onslaught of drums continues on to the end of the tune leaving a satisfied bop thrash in it's wake. Dreamscape takes us besides into that tenebrous dreamland.

Battledrone - The Desire To Know (Original Mix)
Battledrone - Dreamscape (Original Mix)