BASS ADJUSTMENT – Believe [Cozy Lounge Records]

It reminds us of the universal issues of our day. Kay, who is a crooner/songwriter and guitarist, recently delivered her latest cull Dim-wit FOR YOU and landed a macula in CD Pools Urban April 2016 DJ compilation unit. Performed by UK-born Jamaican artist, Emily Kay, the follow brings together not no greater than a collection of harmonious styles and elements, but also a assortment of collaborators as vocals were recorded in the UK and the traces was produced in Austria. A BEFFTA Furnish Selectee, Kay provides a expensive yardstick and a unparalleled feeling – something BASS Altering continues to champion with each new put out. In is this years bruised unloose by BASS Altering, making it their 9th unloose blanket. This is as the case may be why it connects so strongly with Kay: I enjoyment all forms of music but as lengthy as it has a wholehearted drift to the lyrics, I bent music to more, she says. With lyrics such as – We gotta put one’s trust in in compatibility. Connect hands with your sister, Associate oneself with man with your companion, the railroad hits a coeval spunk. Kays Caribbean roots and commonplace fervour of reggae add to the richness of character in Feel. Maintain draws on reggae, jazz, expressive lodgings and RnB to cart the communication that believing in concurrence is the precondition for its effectuation. Some of her other singles entered the UKG Top Ten at mass 5 and landed an EDM Worldwide restricted via Manhandle 1.

BASS ADJUSTMENT - Believe feat. Emily Kay (Original Mix)
BASS ADJUSTMENT - Believe (Instrumental)