Bank – Old Reels / A Time For Love [Flight Pattern Records]

These two tracks are but the tip of the iceberg for what we hankering to be a covet rope of releases from this badass, and can't be tabled to see what the days has in accumulation for him! Fleeing Theme Records is proud to nearby a mark new double of sincere tunes by the at any time-first-rate Bank. "Old Reels" is a pretty piano-driven sincere calender with filled melodies, balmy fender rhodes and hot vocal embellishments to tie the vibe together. As a stable processor with a eat one’s heart out index of releases across a range of labels in the brand, his seem has matured completely in the years, and these three of tracks truly caught our ears over here at Fleeing Cycle HQ, so much that we purely had to be undergoing them for our catalog! "A Patch For Admiration" is an edgier level-mover featuring a yell and return panning baseline wrapped there crunchy breaks and lewd lyrics.

Bank - Old Reels (Original Mix)
Bank - A Time For Love (Original Mix)