Balint Barath, Diamond Sublimating, DJ Slow, Polyklinik – Tones Of Budapest [Tapes Sublimating]

Tapes Sublimating is proud to present its first release titled 'Tones of Budapest', a compilation of music by nine talented local artists/groups. From the space hiphop of Polyklinik to the trippy techno of ICR through the ice-cold banger of Alley Catss, the deep dub vibes of VR-314, the beautifully twisted epos from Balint Barath or Bernathy's uplifting anthem, it showcases various different tracks from the colorful palette of electronic music. You might have not heard of these guys yet, but you will want to hear more for sure. Press play!

DJ Slow - Footrock (Original Mix)
ICR - 109P Swift-Tuttle (Original Mix)
Bernathy - Age of Love (Original Mix)
Polyklinik - Spacegarden (Original Mix)
Miller Fate - Patka (Original Mix)
VR-314 - MD Dump (Original Mix)
Alley Catss - A Sense of Liberation (Original Mix)
Diamond Sublimating - That Special Feeling (Original Mix)
Balint Barath - Trol-I (Original Mix)