Baldo, Demuja, Swill – Still The Same [Neovinyl Recordings]

But to release Restful the Constant as a nostalgia slip would be a muff. These two tracks are assured, the dough works and we f**** affection them. The willfully perplexing processor has every time a proclivity that set his music as crunchy, hypnotic and thorough of analog reminiscences. Slops is go on Neovinyl with a new bonny Lo-Fi EP. On the remix analysis in check we suffer with the upcoming Salzburger financial manager Demuja and homie Baldo.

Swill - Damp (Original Mix)
Swill - Damp (Demuja Remix)
Swill - Damp (Baldo Remix)
Swill - So Long (Original Mix)