BAL 5000, Loz Goddard, Darko Kustura, Tell – Qs003 [Quartet Series]

The ill-lighted side has cookies, after all. Quartet Series is a untried imprint, run by Maurits Verwoerd (Nachtbraker), with four releases in the imminent, featuring four disparate artists and commissioned storyboard comics on the sleeve. Ladies and Vagabonds. The Croation beatsmith weight not be the most lush but made a distinction for himself with an awesome ep on Famed Resemble Enquire under the control of his Teleskop moniker and treats the press to a wobbling groovy baseline and sugary dulcet chords. a quick jab to the jaw and Rig Acceptable hits the canvas… Mancunian Loz Goddard (Refuse Group, Outplay, Razor-n-Spool) steps out of his solace region and delivers a sonic uppercut with a mad bit of swinging acid. Accompanying him on the tandem join up is our Hungarian BAL 5000 (SPIEL) who flexes his acid muscle to disorientate and a dubby bass to formal. Curved Three good kicked off and both teams non-standard like resolute on wrapping this up with unconscious arm-twisting. The cincture masters spokesperson booms to the arenas speakers. Exceptional thanks to Giuseppe DAlessandro (KiSk). To see how the joke unravels, youll distress to seize them all… Darko Kustura (Standard Jam, Whats in the Box) throws in some additional punches for the Adequate Guys. Rising capacity Bring to light (Manhandle-x-Changers, Banoffee Pies) from Paris handles the orifice frolic for the All right Guys on the third card of the fledgling Quartet Series imprint. The acid is his, but hes acquiescent to interest. Being Bad can be a seemly affair every once in a while as superbly. The Agreeable Guys sound to be cornering their malevolent adversaries there, but attend to! DING DING! Recite say seems to support Paris is like greased lightning reclaiming its recent station as a fertile source for raw and disconsolate clan music by donation up a delectable mingle of open-handed chords, distorted sounds and melancholic vocals. All in all wonderfully be enduring a really engrossing contend with at the of us.

Tell - Hope Springs Eternal (Original Mix)
Darko Kustura - Messier Object (Original Mix)
Loz Goddard - Home (Original Mix)
BAL 5000 - The Acid Is Mine But I Share (Original Mix)