Badjokes, Basstrick, Habstrakt – French Press [Never Say Die Records]

It's the conclusion of a barmy year of touring roughly the creation and there couldn't be a more safely a improved village for it than Not in any way Say Die Records! Uncle Habby returns to NSD with his variety new 'French Depress' EP! This EP goes be means of divergent vibes from dubstep to dwelling flavours, pushing the boundaries between genres harder than in front of, while being continuously playable forming a entire eye. He had this to say:

"It's been a teensy-weensy less than a year since 'My People' EP came out, and I've wearied a comical amount of lifetime working on this new EP, playing so innumerable contrastive versions in my sets and coming uphold house to reconcile diminutive details here and there. I am hugely proud to receive two of the most beneficent upcoming producers from France (Basstrick and Badjokes) featured on this let, they're the dankest cheeses in the outline!"

Habstrakt - Heyo (Original Mix)
Habstrakt, Basstrick - Bounce With Me (Original Mix)
Habstrakt - Clowns (Original Mix)
Habstrakt, Badjokes - Moving Up (Original Mix)