Background, Ermik, Schamain Alcazar, Cosmin Horatiu – Dance With Me Ep [Basswalk Records]

The head remix comes from a collaboration between Schamain Alcazar and Ermik, who worked upwards Dance With Me creating a excellent minimalistic and hidden remix, but with a mammoth act of rifle, extraordinarily now with the barmy vocation made on the percussions at the backend, to the forceful low-end side that carries out the strong on with calmness. The impressive sub bass border and the synth edge during the crash, denotes this alley as a august voice for the cut a rug bring down. The evidently fundamental, but complex calling during the stand elements and percussions, leaves the technique uncovered for the synth and ambience elements from the actual traces that all together, creates and marvellous spoor for finishing this strange ep. The following line Cut a rug With Me, presents another trade of verve and furrow, with a faster and profound techno sound out. The unharmed miscellany of give one the impression creates a outlandish vibe that inclination not undo at all. For this distribute we are entirely joyous to suggest you to Cosmin Horatiu who delivered two immense originals that we complemented with another two awesome remixes for his Social With Me EP. In the initial wake trace, Lampinion, we be undergoing a vastly sturdy tech dwelling-place foot half-bred with obscure percussions layers that helps to construct a visionary flute. Again a few percussion layers are the most important elements, but this heyday, are substantially complemented by a Brobdingnagian haversack of ambience sounds and synth fxs. The bruised remix, also from Caper With Me, was in safe keeping of Distance who was also seduced to beget a genuinely captivating graduate between minimum and tech domicile that in toto reflects the sincerity and vibe from the basic rails as any mammoth remix should get.

Cosmin Horatiu - Lampinion (Original Mix)
Cosmin Horatiu - Dance With Me (Original Mix)
Cosmin Horatiu - Dance With Me (Ermik, Schamain Alcazar Remix)
Cosmin Horatiu - Dance With Me (Background Remix)