B12 – Brokenunbroken [FireScope Records]

The EP entitled BrokenUnBroken: A moody down tempo risky start for a first release on a new label, however its enigmatic beauty, sounds, artwork and themes make it the only natural choice. In Pieces' is enough to tear at the heart strings, it is an emotion loaded audio picture of sadness and despair. The producer conveys these feelings with a disturbingly natural ease and is an indication of a mental state he makes no secret of sharing. Sublime pads weave over subtle beats and crashes until joined by a hypnotic bassline. Over !Hear!' is an old school vibe featuring a fetal doppler recording. Warm pads and bassline presents familiarity and rolls along conjuring up a safe place to be. Battle Within' is a slow track there is no real drive forward but a multitude of entwined sounds and shapes that represent a whole piece. A piece constantly pulled out of shape. With a dual meaning originally inspired by the producers visit to a war torn city. An attempt to put into music almost from a child like perspective the mixed emotions and confusion that are felt when suffering. There Is No Escape' is a Sci Fi dub style track. A driving break inspired beat and drooling bassline are joined by a constant abstract dialogue. Escape from where ? Escape from oneself ? Finished in Full Colour sleeve and White/Green marble vinyl with exclusive artwork by Sarah Sparkes …

B12 - In Pieces (Original Mix)
B12 - Over !Hear! (Original Mix)
B12 - Battle Within (Original Mix)
B12 - There is No Escape (Original Mix)