Ayrton Hood, Ricky Da Dragon, Epic Roots, Alton Miller – Higher: Metapop Remixes, Vol.1 [MetaPop]

"Of the profuse figures median to Detroit's thriving electronic leap music milieu that began in the mid-'80s and has carried on to the Non-Standard presently, some figures such as Alton Miller take played substantial roles but not in any way managed to attain the mythological station that has been granted to varied of the municipality's more noteworthy figures. He then joined forces in days gone by again with May, pre-eminent as an hand of the artist's Transmat register ticket, then as Aphrodisiac, the epithet inferior to which he would found releasing his music. By the mid- to late '90s, he increased his association in the Detroit neighbourhood in the course a multitude of DJ performances and continued to let off his music on distinguished labels such as Carl Craig's Planet E, Mike Cede's Moods & Grooves, and Mileage. Following the demise of the Music Introduce, Miller took an importance in Conga drumming in summing-up to DJing, which led to a aeon between 1989 and 1991 where he toured the globe with his music. By the latter constituent of this nevertheless decade, Miller joined forces with George Baker and Chez Damier to start the Music Start, a pocket-lived but romantic Detroit caba that has since evolve into looming-mythic, thanks to the pioneering techno efforts of figures such asMay. Growing up in the 1970s, Miller soaked up the euphonious locale nearby him in the Motor Bishopric, alluring a notable concern in the sounds of Motown, Philadelphia, Parliament/Funkadelic, and Santana. It was during the first '80s before the dance music-crazed Miller appropriate for friends with a innocent Derrick May that he irrefutable to start spinning records, citing Chicago DJs such as Ron Fearless and Frankie Knuckles as prime influences. Aside from his EP on the Transmat-combined description, Rickety, he also released his music on Kevin Saunderson's KMS label and a series of EPs on the Grim Grooves epithet.

Alton Miller - Higher (Kevin Kogas Remix)
Alton Miller - Higher (SoulFunky Remix)
Alton Miller - Higher (Epic Roots Remix)
Alton Miller - Higher (Ricky da Dragon Remix)
Alton Miller - Higher (Ayrton Hood Remix)