AxelPolo, MaxRevenge, Barakooda – Potato Soup [Sorcery Records]

MxRevenge cleverly weaves the supervise theme into the pulsating mix and supplies contrived and melodic twists to his untiring traces. Edifice the distress with toss risers, Barakooda adds more profoundness to the line featuring melodic bell sounds and harmonic riffs. Barakooda returns with another let on Witchcraft, a punchy growing slot called Potato Soup accompanied by 2 knockout remixes from MaxRevenge and AxelPolo. The innovative mix opens with gutsy beats, chorded synths and hints of a melodic topic. The blemished inspired remix comes from AxelPolo and features a solo piano, backed by melodic orchestral strings in anuplifting mix, stuffed with pulsing beats and a fe bass giving the mix emotional extent. MaxRevenge brings a faster paced keep an eye on to the unchain with dapper beats and plucked sounds emphasising the coerce behind his remix.

Barakooda - Potato Soup (Original Mix)
Barakooda - Potato Soup (MaxRevenge Remix)
Barakooda - Potato Soup (AxelPolo Remix)