Awir Leon – Giants [Nowadays Records]

They associate oneself with the designation and released their third EP As We Go down in 2015 (re-edited in 2016). Strengthened by this cardinal think up combining his two talents, he continued on a approach that James Blake or Chet Faker took ahead, but with his own rules of inception and novelty. In 2014, Awir Leon unveils the chemistry between his articulate and his productions on MMFT (Metal Sucker Intensity Tiger), a six tracks oeuvre. An cosy incantation both plaintive and reassuring, relieving himself from owning a actually that no one knows. After a primary EP co-produced with Souhab the duo welcomed Abraham Tissme Diallo and created Unno. As the notes go by, the thoughts of Awir Leon consolidate into words dancing in our souls until tattooing them of his versification. At the in any event span, Awir Leon develops a unaccompanied assignment, released two instrumentals EPs (The Red Hat Course [2012] and 1056 [2013]), and also created two soundtracks for social shows (Eating Energy by Pansun Kim, and Man Rec by Amala Dianor). Valuable at foremost, with abyssal melodies at the confluence of ambient and speculative govern by keyboards and from which an convincing thump bursts out and draws the moods whether they are grim (Falls), hot (MWL) or untroubled (Sittingohigh); a discretionary cleaning in harmony to linger on the details and to convey a control bulletin that bares emotions. With two EPs produced independently, the a taken hold of by the eye of Nowadays Records. These experimentations are also textuals and vocals when Awir pries his texts and part into his productions. Awir Leon is an autor, chorus-member and composer living in Amsterdam. Intrinsic to Dunkerque (where he keeps working with the two other members of Unno), it s in the Dutch finances and wherever his dancer business takes him that he develops his individual concoct. With Giants, Awir Leon carries on his experimentations.

Awir Leon - First (Original Mix)